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Coaching Or Counseling

Many people get the two confused, but we will clarify for you. SLC offers both services, but generally, counseling is used in terms of resolution of interpersonal relationships and personal, mental conflicts whereas coaching is used more in terms of instruction and training. Despite the similarities in these two concepts, there are many differences.


Counseling is a process that is conducted by professionals known as counselors or social workers, to help their clients overcome mental and social problems. After diagnosis, counselors assist the client in solving their problems by empowering and enabling changes in one’s behavior, perspective, and the manner of interaction in personal relationships.

Counseling may delve into the past of an individual, in an attempt to understand the root of existing problems. Counseling also endeavors to help people to identify their patterns of thinking and suggests changes. Counseling helps in expanding the horizons in the lives of individuals who are facing mental and emotional problems.


Coaching is a word that is very closely associated with trainer and instructor. Many are aware of coaches as sportspersons, and there is proliferation of coaching centers to help students clear competitive exams. There is coaching for improvement of skills in a particular area and also to improve the performance of employees at a workplace. SLC services are tailored to help the client meet a stated or unstated goal.

Differences between Coaching and Counseling

  • Counseling may delve into the past of an individual, to help in making the present better. Coaching looks at the present, to improve the future.
  • Coaching is to improve upon performance or skills whereas counseling is to help resolve emotional/psychological problems and conflicts.
  • Counselors are trained to diagnose problems in an effort to enable and empower clients to resolve their psychological and emotional conflicts, while coaches are mainly concerned with goal setting and improving the present skill levels of the clients.

Regardless of whether your need is for coaching or counseling SLC is here to help. Please visit our facility for a free consultation, to better determine how we may assist you.